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Mar 24, 2011 9:00pm EDT
for nato to take on the broader civilian protection mission, unrest lose 1973. >> sean: the u.s. will continue to lead the allied effort against gadhafi and the regime until transfer of power is complete. u.s. warplanes will continue strike missions. for the latest on the ground we go to steve harrigan live in tripoli. >> reporter: sean, for the sixth night in a row we've had more strikes and counterattacks. two loud explosions coming five hours ago. apparently, a military barracks east of tripoli was the target. anti-aircraft fire pup in the air, red tracer bullets filling the sky from mobile guns in the back of pick-up trucks in different parts around the city. a long shot for them to hit any of the jets in the sky. as far as the fighter jets, today a french jet knocked down the first libyan plane to try and violate that no-fly zone destroying that plane. finally, a battle is shaping up which will test these new rebel forces since they've gotten help from coalition airstrikes that battle is shaping up. rebel numbers are growing outside the city. they are armed large with rocke
Mar 25, 2011 12:00pm PDT
as the chief science officer at the u.s. antidoping agency. >>> the man who confessed to killing chauncey bailey will return to the witness stand monday. devontae broussard is a key witness against the two men accused of plotting the killing. in court yesterday he talked about committing other crimes for bay. broussard's credibility is key to the prosecution's case. he is supposed to detail bailey's killing next week. >>> the threat of a nuclear disaster in japan is heating up gain. we have the latest on the new danger today. there is news about the job situation in california. we have information on whether it is getting better or worse. and meteorologist mark tamayo will be back with more on what you can expect for the weekend weather. >> why cafe hayward is popular for more than just its coffee and doughnuts. [ female announcer why choose between delicious or 100 calories? ♪ with yoplait delights, now you can finally have both. ♪ it's the perfect parfait, with two indulgently rich layers of chocolate and raspberry yogurt and only 100 calories. yoplait delights. get rid of the "or."
Mar 25, 2011 3:00pm EDT
their leaders. listen. one u.s. ally calls the situation there, quote, deteriorating rapidlyof. remember, some officials are calling yemen the new wild west for al qaeda terrorists. we'll get to all of that in a minute. >>> first, mubarak is gon in egypt. gadhafi is under siege in libya. is bashar assad next? that's the question today rumbling across the middle east because the spark of rolution s reached the arab powerhouse syria. this is damascus today.ot antigovernment protests spread to the syrian capital and beyond. here's where it started, daraa, south of damascus. believe it or not, we are told with all the arrests about a month ago, a dozenz teen sz ho it started. they were arrested for spraying antigovernment graffiti. then on wednesday, this government forces opened fire in daraa. accounts remain sketchy, but the tape we're about to watch does give us some idea. as we sa, the exact circumstances remain unclear, as do the numberof deaths. but yesterday the government conceded it made a mistake and announced new reforms. today's sponse from the sreet suggests that may not be enough. w
Mar 25, 2011 7:00pm EDT
in libya. how big of a role will the u.s. play now? are we still in charge? and with war fatigue setting in and criticism from both sides of the aisle, when does the president fully explain what's perhaps, monday or tuesday of next week. >>> plus, fear of spreading terrorism. there were anti-government demonstrations today and in some cases violence in many arab countries, including yemen. thousands turned out calling for the ouster of a u.s. ally. if the president is overthrown, who stops al qaeda in the arabian peninsula from taking over? >>> and there are increasing concerns of spreading radiation from the crippled power plant in japan with even more people now being encouraged to get out of the area, but not ordered. how great is that danger? >>> plus, a little politics with hispanics now making up one of our every six americans and one out of every four children, by the way, how long can republicans be seen as hostile to their interests? the huge implications of the census report on the 2012 presidential election. and finally, what's the more serious candidates to do? how does anyon
Mar 25, 2011 6:00am EDT
to support humanitarian aide. the u.s., with britain and france will continue hitting ground targets. nato could take over operations, but nato members are resisting ground operations. secretary hillary clinton will travel to london to help coordinate the strategy. the crisis in libya is prompting a protest tomorrow. >> there is a catch. >> the change that is metro is making to increase your security at rail stations. >> one of the biggest lottery jackpots in history. picture. >> psychologically t helps. it is a frosty cold. scraping the ice off the windshield, 32 at reagan, upper 20s in the rural areas this morning. mid 20s in the mountains. sun will be up in 25 minutes, by 9:00, upper 30s, climbing into the 40s by mid afternoon, increasing clouds. overnight, it will get cold again. in fact, by midnight, if you will be out for march madness this evening, layer up. by dawn, saturday, near 30 degrees. yes, still looking like a chance of snow, updated analysis, new information coming in. updated forecast for the potential for snow on sunday, in ten minutes. >> chopper 4, over gaithersburg. j
Mar 25, 2011 9:00am EDT
benefit for civil society. and also give that many of these are u.s. based companies, is there a role for u.s. policy to promote the freedom to connect? >> one more from this side of the room. the way in the back. >> thank you. my name is john wooden. thank you all for your really excellent recitation. jackie, i was interested in your comment about more bottom-up development. others wonder if you could operationalize that with some examples. and also to ask whether the model of cooperatives and particular worker cooperatives can play a constructive role here? thank you. >> okay, let's come back to the panel, let him respond to this set of questions and then i think would probably have time for at least one more round in addition to that one. i think perhaps the most efficient way to do this is just simpler to start at the right and work our way across and let people select a question they would choose to enter. if any remain unanswered at the end you have to catch them at coffee after the meeting is over. >> so i will start with the doctor's comments, but maybe take it from low bit of
Mar 24, 2011 11:00pm PDT
which recognized the independence of u.s.a. and also in morocco you signed, america, the first treaty, trade, and also protection against piracy. and we've done a good job since the beginning. but now i think that u.s.a. tried to encourage the best evolution possible in the arab world because the arab world is not monolithic in terms of political regimes. and the monarchies like in morocco and monarchy in gulf countries, republics, military dictators and we cannot put all the country in the same baskets and morocco started at the beginning immediately after gaining independence. we fight against the party, we established the first constitution in 1962 and since this time, we've amended this constitution four times. and i think that also in morocco thanks to the vigors of the society and the freedom of press and protests and manifestation we all the time work on our... walk on our two legs-- political leg and also social and economic leg. and maybe the error was made when during the last decade some countries want security through economy without trying to convince others that it's imp
Mar 25, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. bbc news, tripoli. >> the general in charge of u.s. africa demand, leading coalition operations in libya, and said he does not expect operations to continue much longer. >> i do not think it will go on for very long time. and we have an opportunity to execute the requirements of the u.n. security council resolution. the most important part of which is to protect civilians. it is important to note with the net to a large degree by stopping the regime's attacks on benghazi. there are other places where civilians remain threatened by the regime. we are doing our best each and every day and night to protect the civilians. >> you are watching "bbc world news." still to come on the program -- more worries in japan around the fukushima nuclear plant. one of the reactors could be damaged. the countries involved and the military coalition over libya have been financing a deal to transfer political control of their campaign -- finessing a deal to transfer political control of their campaign to nato. matthew price reports. >> slowly, but surely, it is being transferred to nato. command rem
Mar 25, 2011 12:00pm EDT
contacts or other u.s. officials' contacts with the opposition since the -- that first meeting in paris between the secretary and mr. jabril. and tell us if you are at all closer to making a decision on whether to follow the lead that france so helpfully started out a couple weeks and recognizing them a legitimate government. >> since the start of the crisis, when we saw that the council had constituted itself as some kind of temporary governing body, i and certainly members of my staff recognized that some of those people were people that we had dealt with during our tenures in libya. and so right from the start, i had been reaching out to the leaders of the council. and since that time, since the embassy was reconstituted here as i said, we had extensive dealings and contacts through our various programs, especially educational programs, with the people of the east. i had a very active public affairs section in libya, and they were always communicating with the -- with the doctors and jurists and people who, in fact, now are part of the council. so we had a good in to those people. si
Mar 25, 2011 7:00am PDT
will be in charge of enforcing the no-fly zone but details are being worked out. u.s. and coalition forces are continuing to pound libyan cities. the president said the plan will be worked out over the weekend. while critics are questioning the success of the operation, secretary of state hillary clinton says there has been significant progress. >> a massacre in benghazi was prevented. gadhafi's air defenses were rendered ineffective and the coalition is in control of the skies. >> reporter: after nato takes croalt u.s. is expected to have a prominent role providing aerial refueling tankers and surveillance planes. the obama administration is dispatching defense secretary robert gates and hillary clinton to capitol hill to brief members of congress. a lot of them have been expressing confusion and frustration with the entire operation. reporting live from washington, d.c. >> thank you. >>> libya's government invited for journalists, but the reporters say they couldn't find anyone at the funeral who knew any of the victims. the u.s. intelligence report indicates forces loyal to gadhafi simp
Mar 25, 2011 5:00pm EDT
around a number of states and spoke to a series of people in the u.s. senators to congressman to beat on the left and right, journalists, and tanks, to ordinary citizens. the same preclusion kept leaping out again and again. most americans don't realize how lucky they are. you know, the political institutions that define this country are in many cases unique in almost all cases talking about the term, the recall mechanism. the initiative and referendum ballots procedure. i'm talking about states rights. i'm talking about open primaries in a totally unique feature, but one that makes legislatures answerable to the rest of us. and above all i'm talking about almost everybody from the share to the school board. it's human nature to take for granted that which is familiar to us. but it's these institutions growing organically out of the constitution that is serve to keep your government and your people free. sometimes i say this and they say well, there are cultural difference is. we are naturally people who got away from the monarchies and closets of the old world. i'm afraid that explan
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)